Gil Yefman

Lives and Works in Tel Aviv

Represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NYC.


2008-10 Fellowship at Alma College for Hebrew Culture studies, Tel Aviv
2003 B.F.A , Bezalel Academy for Art and Design

Prizes, Grants and Residencies

2019 Artport residency, Tel Aviv
2019 Elsewhere residency, Greensboro, NA
2017 Rappaport Prize laureate for a young Israeli artist
2015 Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Japan
2014 IDA Schir Residency, Hannover
2014 Fountainhead Residency, Miami
2013 Artist Residency Tokyo (A.R.T)
2012 Creative Capital, NYC, ARTIS Career Development Workshop
2011-12 Artist residency, granted by the NRW Kunstiftung and The Bronner Family, Düsseldorf
2010 Recipient of the "Young Artist Prize" from the israeli Ministry of Culture and Science
2008-10 Fellowship at Alma College for Hebrew Culture studies, Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibitions

2018 "Kibbutz Buchenwald", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2017 "Body of Work", Haifa museum (a solo project within "Dangerous Art" exhibition)
2016 "The Third Dress", a collaboration with Dov Or Ner, Dana art gallery, Yad Mordechai Kibbutz
2014 "Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn" (To Me You Are Beautiful), Ronald Feldman Fine Art, NYC
2013 "H", Container gallery, Tokyo
"Tumtum" Performance (as part of "Otherness - I is Somebody Else" exhibition at Espace
Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris)
2011 "In Return", Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 "TransKnitting", Lethal Lesbian Festival, Barzilay, Tel Aviv
"CrocheFiction", "Returning the Girls" Event, The Block, Tel Aviv
2002 "Omanut O Manush" (Art or Vagina - slang) , Bezalel Academy, Senior exhibition, Jerusalem
2000 "Banana Split", Beit Haam Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions

2019 "Not The End", Living History Forum, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 "Dread & Delight", Weatherspoon art museum, NC
2018 "Queer Biennial", Navel, Los Angeles, CA
2018 “Violated: Women in Holocaust and Genocide”, Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC
2018 “RE:Formation of the Jewish Body”, American Jewish University, Bel Air, California
2017 "Woven and Untangled", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2017 "Rock Paper Scissors", Haifa Museum of Art
2017 "Crafstmanship in Art", City Gallery Kfar Saba
2016 "Under the press of history", The Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem
2016 "Lights & Shadows", The New Central Bus Station Tel Aviv (also curating)
2016 "Wire(less)", Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2016 "Moving Image" Art Fair, NYC
2016 "(SIGNAL)", Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY
2016 "Kumsitz", KIT museum, Düsseldorf
2016 "Traversing Tradition", Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC
2016 "Repetitive Motifs in Ritual Objects and in Contemporary Art", Mane Katz Museum, Haifa
2015 "Passage - A Day In Eternity", Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori
2015 “Relocation”, Herzliya Museum, Herzliya
2015 "Repetition and Difference", The Jewish Museum, NYC
2015 "The Power of the Word", Sapir College, Sderot
2014 "Woven Consciousness", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2014 "Traces V" - The Fifth Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem
2014 "Femme Fatale", Shun Gallery, Shanghai
2013 "Moving Image" Art Fair, London - with Ronald Feldman Fine Art
2013 "Otherness - I is Somebody Else", Culturel Espace Louis Vuitton, Paris
2013 "Eth(n)ics", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "About Stupidity", Petach Tikva Museum
2013 Tokyo Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2013 "Knitted Registry", CCA, Tel Aviv
2012 "SEVEN", Representing Ronald Feldman Gallery in the collaborative initiative of seven
international galleries, at The Boiler, NYC
2012 "Galicia Mon Amour: Folly, Fantasy and Phantasm", Sokol Gallery, Nowy Sacz, Poland
2012 "The Gatewatcher", Maatschappij Arti Et Amiciate, Amsterdam
2012 "Cosmopolitan Stranger", off - Manifesta 9, Hasselt, Belgium
2012 "Have We Met Before", Ronald Feldman Gallery, NYC
2012 ARTIS "Pop - Up Store" at NADA Art Fair, Dia Chelsea, NYC
2012 "The Grey Zone", Lethal Lesbian #3, Z.O.A, Tel Aviv
2012 "Mano-A-Mano", Beit Ha'ir, Tel Aviv
2011 "Body Without Body", Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin
2011 "The Winners", Ramat Gan Museum
2011 "I Refuse To Be Your Enemy", City hall square of Oslo, Norway
2010 "Signals", Bat Yam Museum (MOBY)
2010 "Let It Bleed", Participant Inc., NYC
2010 "Di Goldene Keyt", Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 Animamix Biennial "Attract and Attack", MOCA museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 "Wild Exaggeration", Haifa Museum
2009 "Fireflies", CCA , Tel Aviv
2008 "The Raft of Medusa", Worchow, Krakov, Poland
2007 "Boys Craft" , Haifa Museum
2006 "Men", Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli art
2002 "Chambers", Hertzlia museum of art

Selected Collections

The Jewish Museum – NYC
The Rubell Family Collection, Miami
The Tel Aviv Museum
The Herzliya Museum
The Shocken Collection, Tel Aviv
The Bronner Family Collection, Düsseldorf
Private Collections

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